Game Of Thrones- No Spoilers!


So let’s start from the epic count down to GOT season 8. I almost had a total anxiety attack! Let’s just say that the intro definitely lived up to my expectations. I mean, even the dumb commercials in between the season countdown, looked kinda cool if you ask me. What products were advertised? I honestly have absolutely no idea. Lol But as the replay or flashback of the previous episodes kicked off, it honestly felt like a breath of fresh air. They hit those key points of the last season with pure perfection! Once the replays ended on the ice dragon scene, I felt nothing but joy in my soul.

I’ll try my best not to spoil anything for those that are still catching up to season 8. But let’s just say that Daenery’s Targaryen’s entrance was as epic and flawless as she is! Her entrance was honestly one of my favorite parts of the episode, besides the ending of it of course! As the episode unrolled, Sanza’s petty little attitude drove me insane lol. I understand she isn't too happy about the new changes around her, but I think she is being petty towards the least person she should be giving an attitude too. Lol I can honestly say S8.E.1 was exceptional! Truly the perfect way to kick off season 8, after how season 7 ended. I was not expecting any less. If you have not watched GOT or are still catching up to the new season: It’s worth the watch!

How S8.E1 ended, couldn’t have given me any more chills!! The look Bran gave Jaime? PRICELESS! I can only assume episode 2 is going to continue to break down Daenery’s new journey, while giving us more juice details on Jon snow’s new discovery. If this is how the season started, I can’t wait for what’s coming! Not gonna lie though, im super dumb out that this is the end of it all. BUT, I am excited and will make sure to blog about the documentary premiering May 26 at 9PM on HBO.

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