Planning any kind of event, brings its stress. From birthdays to weddings, things sometimes can get a little overwhelming. I for example, recently got engaged and haven’t done jack smack besides pick a wedding date!( 03.20.21) Don’t get me wrong, we are both super excited about getting married, just have no idea where to start the planning process. Like, when do you send out RSVP? When can I start reserving Venus? Is it too early to go try on dresses? Is it too late to take engagement pictures? When is the right time to take engagement pictures? Why are engagement pictures even a thing anyways? What’s a good time frame to start the wedding planning? …

You see my dilemma??

I clearly need help and have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. Yes I envisioned my wedding as a kid. Poufy wedding dress, 5 layered vanilla cake, 15 girls in my bridal party; the whole 9 yards. But my vision now vs my vision then, Total 180! Let’s be real ladies, heartbreak comes with a couple doubts. And after not having the best luck with love, I started doubting if I was ever going to get married or find love. I would constantly tell my mother I was not meant to get married. But I guess the universe had other plans.

As most girls do, I asked a few of my friends where they would start their wedding planning. But they weren’t very helpful since 99.9% of them are single. I proceeded to ask my mom, but she hasn’t planned a wedding in 35 years. So I took it to Mr. Google. And well, I just feel like I’m back to square one.

Luckily I have you guys to help! I would love to get any if not all of your wedding planning suggestions!Where do you really start planning a wedding? I know a lot of you are probably married, soon to be or have been married before. Heck, even if you’re single and have some good suggestions, help a sister out too!

How do I image my wedding? Simple, intimate and at a wine vineyard. How do I start? I have no clue. So be a doll and send me any suggestions you might have! I heard there are mobile apps that are great for wedding planning too! I’m not so sure about trusting an app with my special day, but if you have used one or are currently; let me know which one you recommendJ

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