I Felt 5 Again!

You remember that excitement you felt as a kid, every time you saw something on TV you wanted?That times a hundred, is what I felt every time I thought of visiting Disney world. I remember dreaming as a kid about meeting mickey, and imagining how it would feel like to walk in through the gates of the Disney castle. Back in those days, there was no internet or computers. So it’s not like I could just google Disney, and check out pictures online. Back then, all we had was our imaginations and the free Disney movies we would sometimes see on TV. Side fun fact: I spent most of my childhood traveling in between DR and NYC, so my resources back then were kind of limited.

I recall that as a kid, I constantly asked my parents if they could take me to Disney. But my dad’s response was always the same. “Uno tiene que arroparce, hasta donde la sabana le llegue”. Which pretty much means that, we can only do as much as our current situations allows us too. Or at least that how I interpreted it. I understood from a very young age that my parents weren’t rich, and that I was gonna have to work hard if I ever wanted to make things happen for myself.

Eventually life kicked into full force (Thank God) and I got luckily enough to finally visit the most magical place in the world, Magic Kingdom On Friday May 10th ! From the second I woke up that Friday morning, I couldn’t help but smile. As my work day started and the countdown began, I started the feel tiny anxiety attacks kicking in throughout the day. I was so darn excited, that the day couldn’t go by fast enough. Once my work day concluded and I headed home I felt like I was driving on cloud 9. I kept on thinking about what outfit I was going to wear, and what was the first thing I wanted to do when I got there. At one point I caught myself on the corner of 436 and 434 St wondering how I got there. I’m sure you had those moments when you’re driving, but your mind is lost in the universe somewhere. Then you randomly snap back into reality, wondering if you ran over somebody. Because you can barely remember how you got to where you are? Yeah, that was me.

I made it home, got ready, picked out the perfect playlist for the road & it was off to Disney!!!!The 45 minture drive felt eternal, but it was worth the wait. As we were pulling up to the parking lot entrance to Magic kingdom I saw it for the first time. Across the lake, a very tiny glimpse of the Magic Kingdom castle! I felt like my heart literally skipped a beat.We parked, got on a ferry, then a train & it was off to check in.

As I walked into Magic Kingdom I couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s literally a city within a city! We walked down Main St and I felt like my heart was going to pop out of my chest. Luckily, I had arrived just in time and I walked right into the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade AKA my first glimpse at Mickey!!! I won’t go into too much details on how incredible the show was. But I can honestly say 5yr me was out of control! The Dance party in the middle of Main St. had to be my favorite part of the show. I almost sure I was the only adult breaking it down with the kids, but who cares!

Once the show wrapped up, I skipped my way to the Walt Disney Castle. And it was everything I imagined!! In my 5 year old self’s mind, I imagined walking through the gates, into the most magical place in the world. And Disney DID NOT DISSAPOINT! The Magic kingdom castle blew me away! Walking through the gates felt like a dream!I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was everything I could have asked for. The Gate was HUGE, the murals waking in were incredible & the food was out of this world! Now I get why they call it, the Magical World of Disney. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. And the fact that I got to experience it with someone I love, was the cherry on top on the cake! I encourage everyone to visit Disney at least once in their lives. It’s an experience everyone should have. I can’t wait to pop out some kids & take them all to Disney!

How Beautiful Is This Castle!
OMG Its Mickey!!!!

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