What We Know About LOONA's Comeback

Since the first teaser nearly a year ago in March, fans have been eager to listen to LOONA's third mini-album [#].

Their newest songs (and we assume a new music video) release in a week (February 5th, 2020) and so far we have four teasers to siphon lore from.

Throughout the month of January, individual concept photos have dropped for each member showing a significantly darker aesthetic and grimier production to come than the lighthearted tropical vibes of [+ +] and the colorful house vibes of [X X]. The solo concepts however may seem off considering only 11 members have been promoted.

The leader of the group, third-debuted member Haseul won't be involved with promotion activities after a hospital visit first week in January where she was advised to receive further treatment. LOONA's label, Blackberry Creative, promises to updated the public with news from her doctor after she was diagnosed with a recurring anxiety disorder. For the time being, she's spending time with her family and members as she regains her strength,

Read a translation of Blackberry Creative's full statement here. It still isn't clear if she will be presented on the album in the music videos this time around.

Fans are rabidly lore-hunting after teasers for this new era flash words like "BURN", "BACK OF THE MOON" and extended celestial imagery which implies further moon-related lore to come. The last music video to focus on LOONAVERSE world building, "Hi High" premiered on August 28th of 2018, almost a year and a half ago.