Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato Laugh Over Being "Gay AF" On Disney Channel

This week Miley Cyrus has begun helping her fans navigate self isolation with "Bright Minded," a daily afternoon Instagram Live show.

On Tuesday she brought Demi Lovato on as her first celebrity guest, which marks the first collaboration of this scale for the Disney Channel alums since they and their fans were teens.

In response to how meme culture took a hit on Cyrus' self-esteem, Lovato said, "We've gone through times when we're closer and distant and that's fine because that's what friends do. I just wish I could have been there for you, but you better call me next time."

"We just saw something in each other. Maybe it was spirituality or maybe it was just our hearts. I don't know but ummm...," Lovato said of their instant connection. Cyrus responded, "Or maybe we're just gay as f*ck," which caused the pair to laugh.

The 45-minute show breaks down the title of the series as an acronym. Hitting topics like blessings/curses of social media for B, reliable sources for R, immune boosters knowledge for I, and so on.

"These afternoon sessions are all about bringing light to a dark time, staying positive and overcoming stress during this pandemic,” Cyrus previously said of her new series. "They also offer hope and escapism, optimism and a way to stay connected while we all try to social distance. STAY SAFE AND HEALTHY!!!!! xoxo."