Florida Firm Will Offer Luxury Balloon Rides To Space in 2024 For $125K

Now THIS is living in luxury! Florida firm Space Perspective will start offering rides into space on balloons in 2024. The price? Well, it's going to cost you a whopping $125,000 per person.

Space Perspective purchased a 292-foot-long shipping boat, now named MS Voyage, to be used as a “marine spaceport.”

According to Daily Mail, the company's luxury passenger capsule will allow you to see 360-degree views of earth and will be equipped with a bathroom, bar, and on-board Wi-Fi.

The entire trip, from launch to the stratosphere to landing, will take a total of six hours to complete. Two of those six hours will be spent in the stratosphere. Passengers will be able to see as far as 450 miles in every direction.

Some customers have already bought up capsules for group events (I want to be friends with that group) and some people even planning to have their weddings there, according to the firm, which started selling flights at the end of June 2021.

Would you go?

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