We've Been Saying Denzel Washington's Name WRONG

So, COVID-19 has many of us bored. For me, I pass the time watching old YouTube videos. For two reasons. One, it reminds me of how life was before masks, and 6-feet distances. When talk shows weren't done in living rooms and theme parks were enjoyable. You know, life in 2019 and before. The second reason? BECAUSE I'VE WATCHED ALL OF THE CONTENT ON YOUTUBE SO OLD VIDEOS ARE ALL I HAVE!

So today, I'm going through old Graham Norton Show clips and I see Denzel is on the couch. Now, I am saying this because we're Americans, but if you don't know who Graham Norton is, he's a talk show host on BBC (in England). And he has guests drink and chat on his couch. The Graham Norton Show is a great show. You should click on their videos. But in this clip, I learn (and you'll soon learn as well) that Denzel Washington is said in a way that we've all been saying incorrectly.

I learned something today.