"Dinner and Drinks": At-Home! Cuban Sandwiches!

This is the second attempt at Cuban Sandwiches on the show. Did the first one fail? No...but I did make it during a hurricane and I couldn't drink while at work. So for this video, I had some drinks...you'll see what and how I made down below...but due to having perhaps 3 or 4 of them I kinda almost failed at making the pork.

In honor of the month long celebration that is Hispanic Heritage Month going on through October 15th...here's how to make a BANGIN' Cuban Sandwich along with rice and beans! This is a MUST MAKE for anyone craving a Cuban Sandwich.

Now to pair with a Cuban Sandwich? Mint Mojito everyone! Crisp, cool, refreshing, IT HAS BOOZE! And you just need mint, rum, club soda and some simple syrup! Get to making it!

Going through October 15th, each week we'll pick a new Latin inspired dish and drink and make it at home! Why don't you do the same cause the food is GOOOOOOOD!

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