Celebrating Disney World's 50th Anniversary!

What a truly magical day at Hollywood Studios! Was super lucky to pull up to the parking lot and an electrical charging spot had just opened up! The was NO LINE at my favorite spot in the park "Baseline" (if you've never been you gotta go! If only for the terribly awesome cover music!). And one of the best parts? 40 minute wait for "Rise of the Resistance"! Only took almost 2-years, but finally this weekend I got to experience one of the greatest events on the Walt Disney World property!

I was going to share some photos with you, but in case you haven't ever been on it, I didn't want to spoil anything for you!

But one really cool thing we've all seen at the parks, are these celebratory Golden Statues of different Disney characters. Honestly, if you blink you might miss them...these are just a few I could find at Hollywood Studios.

What's even more exciting, is that at the time I'm writing this, I'm a few days away from a week's vacation and I'll be spending the whole time at the parks...I have 4 reservations to all 4 parks so there will be a gold statue overload coming soon!

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