My List of 'Must See' on Netflix

If you ever listen to the show, you know I'm a total documentary and Netflix fanatic! I watch every documentary I can get my hands on that I think will make me think, make me mad or make me change my life in any way. I like to learn about everything there is to learn about!

I also won't hesitate to tear apart documentaries for being boring or not well-done. Basically, I feel like if I love a documentary, it HAS TO BE GOOD because I'm so critical of everything I watch.  

The same goes for Netflix shows.

Here's my list of MUST WATCH stuff on Netflix... This isn't all of them, but I figured we can start here. ENJOY!

1. Fear of 13

2. 13th

3. Making a Murderer

4.  Hot Girls Wanted

5. Stranger Things

6. Team Foxcatcher

7. Welcome to Leith

8. The Cove

9. Narcos

10. House of Cards

11. Trophy Kids

12. Cash for Kids

13. Minimalism

14.  Amanda Knox documentary

15. Blackfish

16. Tyke The Elephant Outlaw


1. Food, Inc

2. Supersize Me

3. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

4. Food Choices

5. Fed Up

6. Forks Over Knives

Photo Credit: Youtube Screenshot from 'Hot Girls Wanted' Trailer