Supreme x Mike Hill tho

Yoooooo whats going on it me again mr fresh aka austin from the #allaccesscrew powered by 411 Pain. 

You know i stay up to date with all the new clothes that are coming out especially since its S/S 17 release season. This one release though has really got me stoked, call me a hypebeast for wanting Supreme but this is different. I get that in 2017 Supreme is a little cliche and its a lot of youngins just repping their parents money, but with the Mike Hill collab, things are changing. Hill, cofounder of OG brand Alien Workshop was a pioneer in the skate scene of the early 90's. If you dont know, Alien Workshop was one of the first skate brands to really get artsy and creative with the graphics on decks. Not to mention Alien had some notable riders including Danny Way (the guy who jumped the Great Wall of China) and Rob Dyrdek (who we all know from MTV). So basically Alien Workshop is the real deal with authentic skate roots in a new scene where everyone is just trying to rep skate style, which is what makes the collab important to someone like me who cares for authenticity. I am tired of seeing people trying to flex stuff that they don't even know where it came from. RESPECT YOUR OG's! The whole collection of decks and t-shirts is sick. The designs all have a claymation type theme which is just another nod to the golden era when skating was something rebellious and almost frowned upon. Its so street and classic, something of the past for Supreme. In a world of fashion where everyone wants to be different, but its actually all the same kind of different, authenticity and originality are rare and I can support throwing it back to what made cool, cool. 

Anyways make sure to come out to Chillers tomorrow night with Marissa and myself for your chance at free swag!