Weekend in Miami babyyyyyyy

Its about that time again folks, ya weekly update from me aka Austin of the #XLALLACCESSCREW powered by 411 pain.

This week i got a nice little recap of my weekend down in Miami. Soo one of my best buddies flew into town and i picked him up and we made the drive south. Had to make a quick stop down in Boca and then it was off to South Beach ooo yaaaaa. We were going to go to a pool party because a friend of mine said "oh i can get you in" but yeah that didn't workout so we ended up getting a little too tipsy and passed out early. Saturday we got up early, upset that we didnt make it out the night before, determined to make the most of our day. My other buddy flew in that morning and came to the hotel only to find me and my first buddy already on our level ;) Next thing you know were in a cab on our way to the Miami Open to go catch my boy Roger Federer ball on some suckers. The tournament was sick and we saw a bunch of good matches. After a long day it was finally time to leave when it started pouring, and for some odd reason you could not catch ubers out of the venue so my two friends and i walked over a mile in the rain to finally get a ride out. Now normally i would think my friends would wanna go home and change out of soaking wet clothes but these kids decided to go out to eat and be wet and dragged me along. Fast forward a bit and we were making plans for the night when we find out all the parties, concerts, events etc were sold out in south beach. I wasnt about to give up that easy on a night especially after wasting the first one so we ended up meeting with some friends in FT Laudy and then even made our way to Pompano at one point? I think we got back around 4 am and i knocked out so fast. Sunday we got out of the hotel and headed a bit north to find some better weather and a beach to go to. Maaaaan my friend got sunburned, now i woulda thought he knew better considering he has lived in Florida for a long time but i'll let you be the judge (see below) Anyways we made it back to Orlando on sunday night and had a couple last beers before my friend had to fly back in the morning. All in all a solid weekend even though we missed out on Ultra and the pool parties which is kind of OK considering ive done that whole shabang before.

Also I am going to be out at Chillers downtown for dollar drink night with Marissa from Johnny's House so make sure you stop by for some cheap drinks and your chance to score some free goodies. Also going to be around Orlando for a few more stops this week so be sure to check the website and cash me oussside how bow dat

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