Summer, life, and the pursuit of it all

Wow gang just wow

Is it me or is time really starting to go by quickly? I swear between two jobs working 50+ hours every week 6 days a week really makes the months go by. I barely remember what I did for new years eve. JK i was watching my friend blow chunks in my bathroom because she pregamed too hard. This whole time thing recently has started to take its toll on me. It's like the only time off I have off isnt even a day off because im getting ready to go work for another 6 or 7 days straight. Im pale, out of shape, and just not got it going on the way i used to. The only good thing about this however is that now summer is just around the corner! Summer is when i come alive people. Nothing can bring me down when im out in the sun, butt in the sand, and a beer in my hand. I live for summer days at the beach. I got my first taste of the season the other week and i cant stop thinking about my next trip up to NSB. 

In other news i also just came home from Denver, ColoRADo. My sister is considering taking a job out there so my family took the long easter weekend to check out the city. Denver was cool don't get me wrong here, but i wouldnt pick it over Orlando. The people were super friendly and the food was awesome but I just didnt get that magic feel like i get in other cities. We did go to a pot store, that was an interesting experience. You walk in and show your id to verify your age and then its open game like a liquor store almost. Pot is literally everywhere. I also checked out the aquarium while i was there which was pretty neat considering im a fish tank nerd. All in all a solid trip but not on my top list of places to go back to. 

Now im sure if you have read along this far you are probably wondering what i mean in the title by the pursuit of it all. Someone wrote an article about me recently and it really got me thinking about my life which is weird considering all i do is think about myself already. I wont go into too much detail but basically the moral of the story is to do what makes you happy. You can always work hard for others and do things on someone else's time, but at the end of the day the time is yours. Dont get stuck waiting around or doing stuff just because your parents say so because it will only keep you back. Now i mean dont go quitting your day job in pursuit of your dreams but take the small steps to get yourself where you want to be. I was stuck in a position i wasnt happy with but stuck it out because i thought that is what the people around me wanted but once i broke free and made some decisions for myself, the freedom i created liberated me to move forward with my own goals and intentions. The goals and intentions i still continue to work towards today, but am finding harder and harder to pursue juggling all that my life is throwing at me. But lets not give up people, thats never the answer.