Summer tiiiiiime

Hey galactic lover tell me how its been!

Jk i dont have a galactic lover or anytype of lover -__- but i figured that line was appropriate as the song is titled summer time and summer time is almost here!!!!!! I am so ready for summer, well except my bod. I got all my ducks in a row. Just bought a new pair of board shorts and picked up a super cool beach towel. Plus i got my small black umbrella (bc im goth) and i got a tiny lunchbox cooler to put in my beach backpack. I literally can't contain my excitement summer is my favorite time of the year. Not just for the long days and heat but because summer just brings good feelings. I think its a nostalgia thing but for some reason its just harder to be sad during summer like im always just out here in a good mood. Getting taf and drinking coronas in the sand, seriously who can be upset while doing this. If it were up to me and i didnt have to pay any bills i would be living at my condo in NSB. 

Ive also decided im going to focus on summer clothes for my brand. Im tired of seeing High Fashion looks only able to be worn in places where it doesnt get hot like this. So yeah i plan on filling this void. We florida we hot and we gonna be stylish once im done. Everyone up in NYC, London, Tokyo, Milan and all the other big fashion cities have a much more mild climate which is the reason for this sort of placement of cool clothes there. I want to break this chain up so be on the lookout for when i learn to sew because ill be posting my designs on here!

Dont forget to check the XL calendar to find out whats going on around the city this week! I will be out with the #AllAccessCrew powered by 411 pain with Marissa from Johnny's House tomorrow night at Chillers and Ember on Friday doing a live broadcast.