Man Found Way To Fully Automate His Job

Social Media Apps And Computer Keyboards

Social Media Apps And Computer Keyboards

So I came across this FASCINATING article about a guy who found a way to automate his job.  But now he faces a moral dilemma of telling (or not telling) the company he works for.  He wrote....

"Is it unethical for me to not tell my employer I’ve automated my job? ...

As you can guess, it is pretty much the most boring job ever. However, it’s a full time job with decent pay, and I work remotely so I can stay home with my son.

So I’ve been doing it for about 18 months and in that time, I’ve basically figured out all the traps to the point where I’ve actually written a program which for the past 6 months has been just doing the whole thing for me. So what used to take the last guy like a month, now takes maybe 10 minutes to clean the spreadsheet and run it through the program.

Now the problem is, do I tell them? If I tell them, they will probably just take the program and get rid of me."

What do you think? 

The Internet saw three sides....

1) He tells his company and they fire him/ take the program for themselves.  

2) He tells them, they love the program and promote him/ give him a raise to use it or create new programs.

3) He keeps it to himself and they will probably never know.  

Hmmmm.....your thoughts? 

(Full story HERE)