On Broadway We Wear Pink! What's Trending 9/7

Get In Loser, We're Going To Broadway!

Entertainment Weekly revealed the cast of the long awaited Mean Girls musical! 

After a test run in Washington D.C. from October 31st to December 3rd it will be moving up to Broadway in New York City in March of 2018. Tina Fey - who wrote the screenplay for the cult classic film in 2004 - also adapted it for the stage with composer husband Jeff Richmond. 

The hashtag #MeanGirlsBway was trending online with fans all over the world excited for the show. Ticket info for the test run is here! New York tickets go on sale this September.

Do You Have A #MyWeirdRoommate Story?

Last night Jimmy Fallon put out a social media cattle call to his fans - send in your #MyWeirdRoommate stories! 

It started trending in the United States with people from all over the country offering up responses. Here are some of the best: 

Could This Be The Worst Tinder Date Ever? Totally. 

The fact this girl has the willpower to show her face in public should be applauded. 

Long story short: 

  • Girl + Guy go on a date to Nandos in the UK (a chicken restaurant). 
  • Go back to guy's place to watch Netflix. 
  • Girl runs to the bathroom and clogs the toilet. 
  • Embarrassed - she tries to throw her stool out the window but it get's caught between two window panes. 
  • Get's stuck in window trying to retrieve it. 
  • Has to call Fire department to get her out. 
  • No word on if there'll be a second date.