Bromans: Your Fave New British Reality Show

For anyone out there complaining that reality TV is getting stale...let me introduce you to your new obsession: BROMANS!

For the prize of £10,000 ($13,497.00) - 8 couples are being transported back to "Ancient Rome" (AKA a surprisingly convincing television set) and are forced to undergo grueling physical trials. One by one a couple will be eliminated by process of voting until one stands victorious.

After premiering on the British channel ITV2 last Thursday it sent the very thirsty internet into a frenzy. In the first 5 minutes the men were stripped nude as their girlfriends competed to win them clothes (it's gonna be that kind of show y'all...buckle up!). 

You're not able to watch in on US TV yet (well...legally...) but if you pay attention to Twitter every Thursday around 9PM BST (4PM EST) I'm sure you'll get an eyeful.