Meghan Trainor Teases Her New Single With Handwritten Letters To Fans

Meghan Trainor is on the verge of returning to the pop music scene with the release of her comeback single, "No Excuses," which will drop on Thursday (March 1) at 8 AM ET.

On Friday (February 23), the pop star took to her social media accounts to announce the new track, which was produced by Andrew Wells (Fall Out Boy, Rachel Platten). If you've been flowing closely, you already know that Trainor has been teasing the song for some time now. While she announced that her "first single is comin so soon" in one Instagram story last week, another update brought heavy anticipation to the M-Train. "When you have a new single coming out and the anticipation drives you crazy," she wrote in a follow-up message.

Trainor has also been sharing the big news with personalized notes. Over the weekend, Epic Records reached out to fans, inquiring for their mailing addresses to send handwritten letters, specialty booklets, and snippets for "No Excuses." Expect to see her offer the first live performance of "No Excuses" on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on March 2. 

"The sound of the new album is pumping. It just sounds big and loud," Trainor told Parade when talking about her upcoming LP. "I have my family members singing on every single song. I haven't talked about this yet; it's exciting. My entire family is singing on every song because I wanted big vocal songs. So, there’s no such thing as a quiet little love song. They're all big, in your face, booming, kind of '80s but soulful. I’m very proud of them, and my father is playing on a song."


Photo: Getty Images


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