Holding Out For Your Soulmate

"You're too picky."  "Just lower your expectations." "No one is ever going to be *perfect*."  

These are all things I hear on a WEEKLY basis as a single female.  

Which is why I was so fascinated by the results of a new study.  The question: Should you hold out for your perfect soulmate, or just settle for someone who is "good enough"?


61% of people say you should hold out

11% say you should settle 


It's something I've been struggling with lately.  Is there such thing as a 'soulmate'? We are trained by Disney movies and pop culture to believe there is the perfect person out there for everyone.  

The results also show this changes as you get older.  People in their 20s are more likely to hold out, while people in their 50s and above are more willing to settle.  

(Plus, men are almost TWICE as likely to 'settle' than women!) 

Check out the full results HERE

I don't know what the future holds, but for right now I'm going to keep holding out :)