Ryan Seacrest Shares 10 Things He Can’t Live Without

Ryan Seacrest’s days are jam-packed, so when he finds a useful item, he appreciates it! Ryan shared with The Strategist 10 items he can’t live without and you’d be surprised to learn that his longtime fave cologne only costs $18! 

You won’t find Ryan without his beloved Ember Temperature Control ceramic mug, either. The coffee cup keeps his coffee hot as he powers through his mornings. 

"I have a very precise morning, and I only get my first half-cup of coffee before I end up having to get into the car,” Ryan shared with The Strategist. “When I get into the car, I transfer it into this mug. You can program the temperature so it stays hot throughout the course of the morning, and I find that to be a luxury. I like to make my own coffee instead of getting it somewhere, so to have my homemade cup stay hot throughout the course of the morning certainly keeps me moving. It’s not scalding. I like to keep it pretty warm. I have one white and I have one black. If one’s dirty, I use the other one.”

He’s also a big fan of his organized Tumi backpack, which helps when it comes to his busy lifestyle and hectic travel schedule.

“I have a dark gray and black Tumi backpack that has very organized pouches, so you can put your sunglasses, you can put your earphones, you can put your phone, you can put your passport if you need to,” he shared. “You can live out of it. After moving to Manhattan, I realized that you kind of need to have a prepared pack for the day, so usually, when I leave in the morning, I will put my gym shoes, my gym clothes, my hoodie, all of that in the backpack. It’s very durable and comfortable and easy to throw on my back. It’s a great travel companion. I can throw my keys to my New York apartment, my keys to my Los Angeles apartment, and keep it all organized. You know, in the spring, I travel every four days to the east coast. So on Sunday, I take the red-eye to New York, on Thursday night, I fly to Los Angeles, and I do that for quite a while. So I keep the backpack 33 percent packed, because it need to be always ready to go very quickly.”

As for that $18 cologne, it’s Yves De Sistelle Thallium for Men and you can get it off Amazon!

“Now this is a little bit random,” Ryan admitted. “It was given to me as a gift by a friend, I would say almost 20 years ago. I said to him, “Where did you get this?” And he said, “The drugstore.” So I don’t think it’s a very fancy item, but it is a cologne that I just found worked. It wasn’t too strong, but it was one that when I put it on, people actually asked me what it is. You know, at some point, you can’t smell it yourself, but I got more questions about it, and so I kept using it, and when I use it, people say that it smells good, so I stuck with it. But it’s been an old favorite for a long time. It’s not expensive. So that’s the deal of the day, right there.”

He also shared his favorite candles, no-show socks (Hello ankles on Live With Kelly and Ryan! We see you!) and skincare routine. 

Click here to find out all 10 items! 

What item of your everyday routine can you not live without? Sound off in the comments!

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