Tanya Rad Explains the New 'BDE' That Is ‘Bicycle Seat Face’

Step aside BDE, it’s reportedly all about BSF now. Tanya Rad explained on-air on Monday, March 25, there’s a new phrase circulating the universe dubbed “bicycle seat face” for men who have strong jawlines.

“Everyone says like Pete Davidson, what is it about him that all these women are flocking to him?" Tanya explained on-air. "Ariana Grande; Kate Beckinsale — he’s got a pretty good roster going for him and everyone kept saying it was his BDE, but now they’re saying it’s his bicycle seat face!”

According to Tanya, BSF is “when someone has such a strong chin and jawline that their face somewhat resembles a bicycle seat.”


Tanya shared that actors including Pete Davidson, Timothée Chalamet and Rami Malek have "BSF."

Have you heard of BSF? Are you into it? Listen back to the funny on-air moment in the audio above and sound off below!


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