Celebrities With A Lot Of Kids

When celebrities step out onto the red carpet, they don’t always bring the whole family. While some celebrity parents post adorable pictures of their children on Instagram, some keep their families more private, and out of the public eye. Some of these stars have children who grew up to be celebrities themselves, but have other children who stayed out of the limelight--think Billy Ray Cyrus, who has 6 kids, but you probably only know of his daughters Miley and Noah. Scroll this list to see the stars who have a whole gaggle of kids from the KarJenners to the subjects of Offset’s new album, Father of 4. Scroll to see the shocking number of kids that these celebrities have!

1. Kris Kardashian, 6 Kids

PHOTO: Getty Images

2. Offset, 4 Kids


3. P. Diddy, 6 Kids


4. Taylor Hanson, 6 Kids


5. Zac Hanson, 4 Kids


6. Eddie Murphy, 10 Kids


7. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie, 6 Kids

PHOTO: Getty Images

8. Lauryn Hill, 6 Kids

Photo: Getty Images

9. Master P, 9 Kids

Photo: Getty Images

10. David & Victoria Beckham, 4 Kids


11. DMX, 12 kids

PHOTO: Getty Images

12. T.I., 7 Kids

PHOTO: Getty Images

13. Billy Ray Cyrus, 6 Kids

PHOTO: Getty Images


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