Ava Phillippe Responds To Fans Saying Her New BF Looks Exactly Like Her Dad

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Ava Phillippe is probably used to be compared to her mom by now. At 19-years-old, Ava looks startlingly similar to her Reese Witherspoon. One thing she's never heard before? Comparisons between her new boyfriend Owen Mahoney and her dad Ryan Phillippe. Yikes!

Ava went Instagram official with Owen on over the weekend, which is a big deal for any 19-year-old. As the daughter of two super famous parents, though, Ava has an Instagram following of over 700k. Soon after she shared two photos with Owen, all those followers started commenting how much he looks like Ryan.

"He looks so much like your dad omg," one of her followers said. Another chimed in with: "Is it just me or does her new beau have a little bit of Ryan in him?" One follower even called Ava and and Owen a "young Reese and Ryan."

Here's the photo Ava shared:

Here's a photo of her parents, while they were still together, circa 1998:

"54" Premiere - August 24, 1998

When somebody finally commented "he does not look like your dad," Ave had a hilariously perfect response. She replied simply "big thx." LOL! Maybe next time her followers will hold back from telling Ava how much Owen looks like Ryan...even if he kind of does.

Photo: Getty

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