Aaron Carter's Tattoo Artist Speaks Out

If you haven't yet seen the photo of Aaron Carter's new tattoo, consider yourself lucky. Somethings you just can't unsee, like this awful face tat. With everything we've seen the Carter family going through lately, it's clear that Aaron hasn't been in his best mindset which makes me wonder why the heck any reputable tattoo artist would agree to this. Well, that tattoo artist is speaking out.

Hershell Carrasco, known as RockRollG, says he booked the session with Aaron thinking he was going to be adding more art to his torso- not his face. Aaron the the other hand, had known that Carrasco had experience doing face tattoos and was ready for one of his own. As soon as he had the idea of Medusa on the side of his face, everything kinda just snowballed out of control. Carrasco claims that before he tattoos anyone, he always takes their mental state into consideration. He said that in Aaron's case, he genuinely felt that he was in a good place mentally to get tattooed which makes me wonder, does this guy have social media? Has he seen the headlines?? While none of us really know what Aaron is going through, it's clear that he's not in a good place.