Taco Bell Is Reportedly Launching Chips Made Of Real Cheddar Cheese

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Who doesn't need more cheese in their life? Taco Bell is reportedly getting ready to launch a brand new product that will cure all your cheesy cravings. The fast food chain is rumored to be dropping chips made out of their delicious cheddar cheese. Yup, that's right. Chips made out of cheddar cheese. We'll let that one sink in.

The new product will be called Cheddar Crips and they sound amazing, TBH. Cheddar Crisps will reportedly be a part of Taco Bell's snack line, which is available in stores such as 7 Eleven and Target nationwide. Taco Bell has yet to confirm Cheddar Crisps are launching, so, it's unclear when, exactly, they'll be popping up on store shelves.

Foodie Instagram account @CandyHunting shared photos of the unconfirmed new product. "New Taco Bell Cheddar Crisps in Fire, Mild, and Nacho flavors will be out in stores soon! I tried the Mild flavor. It was quite tasty," the caption reads.


If @CandyHunting is to believed, though, Cheddar Crisps will be available "soon," so, hopefully we won't have too long to try these cheesy chips. Cheddar Crips will join Taco Bell's already existing line up of snack products, which include Reaper Ranch Tortilla Chips, the Mild Tortilla Chips, the Fire Tortilla Chips and Classic Tortilla Chips. Will you be giving Taco Bell's Cheddar Crisps a try once they hit stores?

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