Practice What You Post With Soozie The Foodie! [PODCAST]

Here we goooo! I have started a podcast! The reason for this podcast is to share with you some of the badass instagrammers in our beautiful city! You could learn a lot from them! They will teach you different branding techniques and how they've become successful.

I want you to be inspired by this podcast! Inspired to build your own brand or inspired to try a new restaurant! I know everyone will be able to take something away from these podcasts.

Because Let’s face it. Everyone’s an “influencer” nowadays. But few people understand life behind the posts. Listen as I talk to influencers, experts, and entrepreneurs about what they show the outside world vs. how they truly live behind social media.

Get a behind the scenes look at what really goes on behind the likes, free products, and extravagant vacations. Join Me and my special guests for inspiring conversation and your reminder to always stay authentic!

This episode is with my friend @SoozieTheFoodie !! You have to go and follow her! If you're looking for a new restaurant to try... she's got a insta FULL of options.