Top 10 Countries With The BEST Quality Of Life

Top 10 Countries With The Best Quality Of Life In The World

Now before you go all..."What do you mean? America is the #1 Country with the Best Quality Of Life!" i'm going to need you to calm down ok?

This list is not brought to you by me, but in fact U.S. News so please take it up with them. Also, if you would like the facts as to why these particular countries scored so high, you can see the full list at U.S. News Quality Of Life Rankings.

Secondly, you should really do some overseas traveling and check your blood pressure. Just saying.

Let's start out with the 10th best country in the world for quality of life.

10 | Germany

They love their beer, sausage and know how to have a good time. I mean, have you seen their Christmas markets? Those people know how to throw a Holiday party.

9 | New Zealand

Have you ever seen Lord Of The Rings. That's basically New Zealand. The land is beautiful, clean and everyone seems real happy (including hobbits). Probably because they're so far away from all us crazies.

8 | Netherlands

I mean, the people are so happy in the Netherlands that they wear wooden shoes.

7 | Australia

I mean it's Australia. They're in the middle of the pacific ocean, spend tons of time outdoors and have cool accents.

6 | Finland

It's cold in Finland and they somehow manage to make it as #6 Country with Best Quality Of Life. Something tells me the outdoors is connected with all these. Strange, I thought a big mortgage, fancy car and Yeezy shoes were the way to happiness.

5 | Switzerland

Hot Chocolate available all day and all night. Need I say more?

4 | Norway

It's cold, beautiful and did I mention cold? But man, those mountains and landscapes look incredible.

3 | Denmark

They love to ride their bike...everywhere.

2 | Sweden

Makers of Swedish Fish the most delicious candy on the planet. Also creators of IKEA.

And the country rated with the NUMBER ONE Best Quality of life is...

1 | Canada!

Of course it's Canada. Canadiens are the friendliest people I have ever met. Plus, have you watched HGTV at all? First time homebuyers going for $700,000 homes with $200,000 for renovations. They must be doing something right.

So where does the good ole USA rank on the best quality of life list?


17 | USA

Yep, the USA is ranked at number 17 for best quality of life. If it makes you feel better, Singapore is #18.