Smash Bros, 8th Fire Emblem Fighter and New Fighter Pass Revealed

During last week’s Nintendo Direct, Fire Emblem: Three Houses protagonist Byleth was revealed to be the latest DLC fighter and the 75th character to be added to the roster for Super Smash Bros.Ultimate. Many fans however aren’t are particularly disappointed with the choice, and it seems Nintendo may have caught wind early on.

The abundance of sword-wielding characters in Smash was acknowledged during the livestream presentation which currently sports over 2.7 million views on YouTube. For many fans of the fighting game series, the addition of another Fire Emblem representative is considered a letdown due the oversaturation of swordsmen in the game (particularly from the Fire Emblem franchise) as well as the perception that DLC fighters included in their season pass would be non-Nintendo characters from third-party franchises.

The Big N threw fans a bone for third-party representation in the form of a Mii Fighter costume for the 2017 Game Awards' Best Indie Game-winner, Cuphead and the announcement of a Fighters Pass, Vol. 2. The newest season of the Smash Bros. DLC subscription will add six new fighters thru 2020 and into 2021.

With the release of Byleth exactly a year after Piranha Plant’s release to players who pre-ordered the game before 2019,its conceivable that Nintendo plans to release a first-party representative annually. Time will tell if they release a Pokémon representative on the last Tuesday of January 2021 or if I'll ever get Sora from Kingdom Hearts.

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