Cool Kobe Bryant Moments

With the passing of NBA Legend Kobe Bryant I started thinking of some of my favorite Kobe moments... I was not Team Kobe... I'm an MJ guy... But Kobe was the closest thing to MJ, and a lot of times it was like watching Jordan play Kobe had worked so hard to model his game after him. I did love Kobe's killer instinct... where the Mamba nickname comes from... only Jordan and Tiger in his prime were wired like that.

I only got to see him play live once... The overtime win against my Orlando Magic in the Finals in the old O-Rena... and as usual, Kobe put the dagger in the Magic after Orlando managed our first and only Finals win.

The best moment for in Kobe history also happened in Orlando... The Flinch.

Matt Barnes, a Magic player at the time, was a tough player. He didn't back down to anyone... especially the best players like Kobe. After going back and forth for a lot of the game and getting into it with Kobe, Barnes was bringing the ball in on the baseline... Kobe was guarding the inbound pass... then it happened.

Kobe didn't flinch... didn't even blink... and even when people posted the overhead view trying to take away from the mystique... I still loved it. Kobe did too... he later recruited Matt Barnes to join him in LA.

I grabbed a few other cool Kobe moments...

His first ever interview as a Pro... CLICK HERE

And one of his first SportsCenter commercials...

This is the 8 Second Violation taken by the Magic on Sunday night to honor Kobe.