The New Norm - Goodbye Old Friends

Can you believe it... my kids are 17 months already!!! I was cleaning out some stuff and I found this blog that I wrote and I never posted it. I thought it was pretty good and I wanted to share it with you! I wrote it when I was pregnant. I guess you can say I was emotional and hormonal lol BUT I still agree with this to this day! Maybe it will give some of you who are pregnant a little outlook on what to expect... Maybe it will make you feel like you are not alone! Check it out! 

It's funny how many people tell you that your life is about to change when you get pregnant. I know they mean well when they say things like "get ready for your life to change" ... I just want to respond and say REALLY! NO WAY! 

These are probably my hormones talking but I just have realized that once you find out you're pregnant and you share it with the world and your close peeps ... you truly start to find out who your friends are. 

I understand that our new lifestyle is going to be all about the twins. No more going out randomly and getting hammered. No more getting home at 3am. No more wasting hundreds of dollars on booze. Which i know a lot of our friends can't relate to anymore... but I didn't think that some of them would just fall off the face of the earth after we announced we were expecting.

Again... this isn't me reaching out and wanting all the attention from our friends... it's just me realizing... 

It's like I'm boring or uninteresting now that I am pregnant. 

It makes me sad because I feel like I might lose their friendship forever. I know everyone lives their life differently. Some people don't want kids. Some people just want to travel. Some people are night owls and love to party. AND I'm not mad at any of those lifestyles!! It just doesn't relate to ours anymore. But does that mean we can't be friends anymore? 

Just because our schedules and worlds look different now.. doesn't mean I don't care about them! I do!! And I will always love the craziness we got in to... 

There's only so many times you can make an effort with people who don't truly care. I know I will eventually get over it because the wife and I are surrounded by people who love us and who are super excited for our family and who can't wait to schedule playdates and mommy nights out with us. 

I do have to say that I truly appreciate the people who have stuck around and who have sent text messages and called just to "check in" to see how things are going. 

I honestly don't know what the point of this blog is. Maybe to give some future preggos a heads up on what to expect... or maybe just to tell my friends that I love them... even though we goes weeks at a time without talking...

I know that everyone has SOO much going on and it's hard to KEEP friends - pregnant or not.... I just didn't picture it to be like this. 

Life has a funny way of teaching you lessons and making you stronger. 

So that is the blog that I wrote. Pretty interesting to go back and read that because now that the twins are here... nothing else matters besides them! I am surrounded by a group of friends who LOVE my twins as if they were their own. So if you are expecting, or planning on getting pregnant, or even JUST had a baby... you will be just fine! Just know that the feeling you have about losing your old friends and your old lifestyle is totally normal.

I truly think life gets better when you add a bundle of joy! IT'S HARD but you will get used to your new norm in no time <3