Meghan Markle Asks Judge To Delay Her Legal Case Against British Tabloid

Meghan Markle has requested to delay her High Court case against Associated Newspapers (AKA the publisher of the British tabloid she's suing for publishing a private letter she sent to her father). While this may sound bad for the Duchess of Sussex, it actually means she's got a pretty strong case.

According to Vanity Fair, Meghan's request for a summary judgment means she could win her case without ever going to court. The Duchess' legal team said in a statement on Wednesday (October 28) that her request shows they have “an overwhelmingly strong case" against the Mail on Sunday.

A summary judgment would likely "bring litigation to a prompt close without the need for an expensive and lengthy High Court trial," royal expert Katie Nicholls writes in her Vanity Fair report. It could also help Meghan avoid an uncomfortable reunion with her estranged father, Thomas Markle, who could be called as a witness in the trial.

“Applying for summary judgment could potentially bring the case to an earlier conclusion and wouldn’t require a full trial, which would be the preferred option,” a source close to Meghan explained “What started as a lawsuit over a private letter has escalated into something much bigger, and there is a feeling that a line needs to be drawn.”

Meghan wouldn't be the first member of the royal family to avoid a public trial by requesting a summary judgment. Prince Charles entered a successful bid for his own summary trial back in 2006. The Prince of Wales also sued the Mail of Sunday for publishing contents of his private diary.

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