Meghan McCain Spills On Joy Behar Saying She Didn't Miss Her On 'The View'

The tension between Meghan McCain and Joy Behar was clear when the latter admitted that she didn’t miss McCain during her maternity leave during a recent episode of The View.

On Monday (January 11), McCain took to Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen and addressed the viral moment. After admitting that it's been a "rough re-entry" to her seat on the talk show after experiencing complications with the birth of her 3-month-old daughter, Liberty, McCain said she "missed everyone" without mentioning Behar.

"And I will say, I missed everyone," she said during the appearance. “Even if some people didn't miss me, I missed the show. We're a family. All these women were at my dad's funeral. We've been through a lot of s**t together, and I missed being on the show and I hope that we can all be examples, myself included, for where the country should go forward, because whether we like it or not, like, I'm not going anywhere on the show, Joy's not going anywhere on the show."

"We all have to love and co-exist together just like Americans right now," she continued. "We're all gonna try and co-exist and I really want to have us all move forward."

It’s fair to point out that Behar may have reacted in the way she did because McCain interjected her remarks. In fact, she found it appropriate to interrupt Behar out of nowhere, saying, "Are you kidding me? You have AOC saying…," to which Behar stood up for herself. "I'm not done!"

McCain tried to be playful, but the sentiment was not acknowledged. "Joy, you missed me so much when I was on maternity leave. You missed fighting with me," she said, before Behar shared her true feelings. "I did not. I did not miss you. Zero."

Photo: Getty Images

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