Shawn Mendes Gushes Over Camila Cabello In Sweet Birthday Tribute

On Wednesday (March 3), Camila Cabello celebrated another trip around the sun. In honor of Camila's 24th birthday, Shawn Mendes took to Instagram to gush over his girlfriend.

In his sweet birthday tribute, Shawn posted a cute photo of him and Camila, writing: "Happy birthday to the kindest, bravest and most beautiful person I’ve ever known. I love you more every day mi vida."

Shawn also posted a video of the pair cuddling on a golf cart to his Instagram Stories.

Shawn doesn't need a special occasion to gush about Camila, either. When his Netflix documentary last year, the 22-year-old pop star opened up about their adorable relationship on camera. "I don't think that I'm going to be able to write songs that really do it justice, that can really capture the things and the feelings with her," he shared.

"I think it's like when you see a moon or stars and you try and take a photo of it with your iPhone and then you just can't," he continued. "It just doesn't look good. And you're like, 'It's not supposed to be captured,' you know? It's just supposed to be for us."

Photo: Getty