GOOD NEWS read. Despite difference, here in Florida, we are UNITED.

This was just the article I needed today.

Here is a first hand account of a person being admitted to Advent Hospital in Celebration with Covid in July of this year.

Kam talks about being seen and attended to by doctors and nurses of all races, ethnicities, and values.

Nurses that were White Americans, Hispanic Americans, African Americans, East Indian Americans...

Doctors that were from Indian, Nigeria, Egypt, Mexico, the Phillipines... Florida, Texas, and more.

Kam talks about how there was no mention of Political Parties...

It was this incredibly diverse team of Doctors and Nurses all working hard to help Kam feel better. To feel whole again.

It was a wonderful reminder that we are not only in this together, but we can all work together to help each other.

We are not Right vs Left...we are Americans.

Enjoy the read: CLICK HERE

Stay safe out there!

~Jana XO

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Photo: Getty Images

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