Caravan Palace - USA and Canada Tour 2022 at House of Blues 1/21/22 7:00PM

Artist Info:

With the breakout single “Lone Digger” (50M+ views on Youtube) and a third album <|º_º|> (aka Robot) that has topped 50,000 sales in the USA with a running 72 weeks of presence in the Billboard Dance / Electronic Charts, 2016 was a breakout year for Caravan Palace in the USA. The band has come a long way since they first assembled in a Paris Studio in the late 2000’s to create the soundtrack for an early 20th century erotic film.

All accomplished Jazz musicians, their shared love for electronic dance music pushed them to combine those influences into a new project, at the crossroads of the exuberance of manouche jazz (the Caravan) and the hedonism of modern club music (the Palace, after one of the iconic Parisian clubs). With their 1940s inspired look, they serve up festive, frantic music, an improbable futuristic and melodious Jive fit for the dance floor. 

Now in the mist of composing their fourth album, the band has decided to take a break from the studio and go back on the road in North America.

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