Revisiting 'Scrubs' Season Six Heart Wrenching Farewell To 'Nurse Roberts'

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The 2001 medical comedy Scrubs has always had a knack for balancing its wacky humor with the realness of life and death in a hospital setting, and season six’s “My Long Goodbye” is no exception.

The episode features a heart wrenching monologue from cast member Judy Reyes whose character “Carla” is telling fellow nurse “Laverne Roberts” who is in a coma following a car accident. It is a moment co-star Donald Faison said was a beautiful blend of joy and hurt.

“She was very strategic on how she did it,” he told Zach Braff on their podcast Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald. “It is a very challenging exercise in acting to do that.”

The monologue delivered by Reyes to her on-screen colleague was so moving, it caused Aloma Wright, the actress who played “Laverne,” to tear up, which can be seen in the final episode cut. Faison remembers watching it play out just off screen as his character “Turk” waits to comfort “Carla” as the heart monitor flatlines.

“That was such a powerful moment,” he said.

“It was so elegantly done,” Braff replied. “And beautifully directed by Victor Nelli (Jr.)"

Braff mentioned he has seen fans say “My Long Goodbye” is one of the show's most moving episodes. BuzzFeed lists the episode as 18th overall in the show’s nine season run.

“Judy is such a talented artist,” said Braff.

There are plenty of humorous moments throughout the episode that come out during the cast's bedside confessions to “Laverne.” Listen to Braff and Faison break down the entire episode on Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald, the official Scrubs rewatch podcast. Available on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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