Did I Read That Right?

I Help My Son With His Homework

My son is in 7th Grade... and truth be told... some of his homework confuses me... They have "New Math" which I never had... and the stuff that I did take was so long ago that I don't remember how to do it. SPOILER ALERT KIDS... you don't use all of the the stuff you learn in school after you graduate... But it still needs to get done... and I actually enjoy helping my son... Even when I don't know exactly what I am looking at.

Did I Read That Right?

Now while some of the work throws me... I have never seen anything like the worksheets in not one... but two stories I saw trending yesterday.


I don't think I even need to say anything about this one... but two things... First of all who even thinks that giving the option of "Better than a slave piece" as the definition for "Masterpiece" is a good idea... or even a possible definition? And on top of that... how many people proofed that and didn't realize that it's offensive?


This is the other one that I came across... Now remove the "Democrats" caption... just focus on the worksheet... It suggests that Native Americans volunteered to make room for all of their new friends from the West... Because we all know that's how it went down...

Again... Did I Read That Right?

These are only two examples... I imagine there are plenty more... This isn't a hoodie that people think is out of line... this being passed on to kids as education... This is being used to shape the thoughts and ideas of kids... If you don't already... start taking a look at your kid's homework!



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