Replaced By Technology

The Good Old Days

Technology is awesome... but there are some things that it replaced that were pretty awesome too... Playlists are cool but what about the art of the Mix Tape?! Sending me a Snap... sure... but what about leaving me a note in my locker?!

Replaced By Technology

A new survey asked people to name the things that have been replaced by technology that they miss the most... Here are a few that I agree with...

Making Mix Tapes... I was THE KING of the Mix Tape... this one is a big one for sure... nothing like finding that version of a song nobody else had and dropping it into your Mix Tape...

Flipping Through You Newly Developed Photos... This was awesome... sure 75% of them turned out bad... but it was fun to not know what you had on the roll of film....

Handwritten letters.... In Middle School I would write or get 3-5 notes a day... it was awesome... Now you get tagged in a tweet or a 2 second Snap...

Walking The Aisles Of Blockbuster.... Before OnDemand... Before Netflix... Even before Blockbuster started that Guaranteed New Release... You went to the video store and walked the aisles until you saw something you liked... even if it was Friday The 13th VII for the 10th time... and oh yeah... "Be Kind Please Rewind"

Check out the survey results HERE.



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