You aren't going to get along with everyone at work... some people you might not even like... But taking it to the level of getting revenge seems a bit extreme...


A new survey says 44% of people gave gotten revenge against a Co-Worker... that seems like a lot of people... and they do a pretty wide range of things to get back at people.... from stealing their lunch to getting them fired... which side note, you have to be a pretty bad person yourself to do that...

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So I have done one thing that made the list... but I feel like it's the least damaging to my Co-Workers... I quit in, quote, "an unconventional way." 

I will make this short... I worked in the warehouse of a big box electronics store that is no longer in business... Let's just say the managers were not fond of my best friend and I... after a few weeks of disagreements... including being accused of stealing a video camera from a locked up cage that was watched 24-7 by security cameras... I found out that after working us 12 hour shift for 3 days on a holiday weekend, they planned on firing us the following Tuesday... My friend and I decided that day that we were just going to quit. Why work all weekend so other people could enjoy the holiday only to be fired when the weekend was over?

In this warehouse, when someone buys something, a ticket printed and we would go pull the item and leave at the pick up area. The store closed at 9pm... so at about 8pm we stopped pulling items. The last hour of the night was always hectic for managers, as they closed out each department... At about 8:45pm the line to pick up items was really long. We were just hanging out... making jokes. Some of the tickets were easy... like a phone or car speakers... some were for big screen TVs... We didn't pull any of them.

The managers were called to the front because customers were starting to lose it. As the crowd got more angry and the managers got more swamped, we took off our uniform shirts and walked out in front of the crowd and said "Hey guys... we know you guys are going to let us go on Tuesday, so we're just going to take off..." The looks on the faces were priceless and for a brief moment in time... we had stuck it to "The Man"...

So that might be revenge... but that doesn't make me a bad person?!

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