Are You Engaged (At Work)

Maybe I'm a nerd... but I fee like I am giving 100% at work at all times... My "To Do" List at work each day is pretty long, and the harder I work on it, the sooner I can leave. But according to a survey, a lot of people don't attack their work day the way I do.

Are You Engaged

According to research from staffing firm Accountemps, workers are disengaged at their jobs 26 percent of the time, on average, leaving the door open to lost productivity, low morale and turnover... I will say it makes me crazy when I see a co-worker slacking while I am running 100 miles per hour...

How To Fix It

I mean... getting a paycheck should fix it... But it's clearly not... so according to the survey a lighter work load (yeah right)... a better boss... and more perks would help... 

Click Here to see the survey results!

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