Halloween - Michael Myers Is Back

I saw my first Halloween Movie when I was in elementary school... I wasn't supposed to watch it, I was supposed to be in bed asleep. The adults were watching Halloween 2 in the living room... I got out of bed and watched from the hallway from the back of the room... I have been a fan of Michael Myers since.

Halloween - Michael Myers Is Back

My son is now 13 and he has started to watch scary movies and he digs the Halloween franchise as well... We went and checked out the new one over the weekend and it was solid... stuck to the simple, classic slasher format. I really like that they basically ignore everything that happened after the original (although I thought Halloween 2 was good... and made me afraid of hospitals to this today)... and the story picks up where Halloween left off, 40 years later... I won't give any spoilers... but it is worth a trip to the theater if you are a fan.

I will say this kid is AWESOME in his small part in the movie...

I will also say that they got the mask right in this movie... something they haven't always done... To get us ready for the new film AMC has been playing marathons of all of the old films... and while maybe it wasn't so noticeable at the time... the changing of the mask was both dumb, and comical when you line them up next to each other...

I wouldn't even run from 1988 or 2002... and 1998 has feathered hair?!

Halloween killed at the box office so I wouldn't shocked to see another one in the next few years... even though Michael Myers will be on Social Security... I just hope they don't change the mask again...

Did you see it? What did you think? And which mask is the worst?

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