How Much Should Stay-At-Home Parents Make?

If you are a Stay-At-Home-Mom... Or Dad... You know that it's not just sitting around the house all day. It's also a job... a job that doesn't pay... But if it did what should it pay?

How Much Should Stay-At-Home Parents Make? just did its annual study on how much stay-at-home parents should be paid based on all of the jobs they do. And the answer is $162,581, which is up almost $5,000 from last year.

The list of roles they fill is long... and I agree that it is work... Here is my issue... What about the parents that have a job but also fill all of those roles? My wife and I both work but that doesn't mean all of that other stuff doesn't have to get done. So I go to work... 9-10 hours a day... and when I get home I am still the tutor, the coach, the chef, the psychologist... all of it. So do I get paid too? And do I get overtime pay?

This isn't to say that stay-at-home parents aren't working... it's to say that a lot of people are pulling double duty...

Just my 2 cents... What do you think?

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