How Far Will You Go To Stop Snoring?

I snore... For a long time I didn't admit it... I actually fought it. I can't fight it anymore because I snore so bad that I wake myself up! I have tried a lot of things to stop too. I have tried the little plastic things you put in your nose... I have tried the breathe strips... I have tried multiple mouth pieces... Nothing works! At this point I even sleep in the guest room so everyone in the house and get a good night's sleep!

I have said in the past that I would try anything... But I think I have found the line... Hot probes in my nose...

A company called Aerin Medical created the probes, which they heat up to 140 degrees before they jam one up your nose. And yes, it hurts. You DO get a local anesthesia first... but they say afterwards, some people need painkillers.

I think I will pass... But if you want some info and don't mind hot probes in your nose Click Here!

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