Do You Know Your Enemy?

There is a good chance when you go to work today, you will come face to face with an enemy... 62% of people say they have an enemy at work. 28% say the enemy is their boss.

So who are our enemies? They say our work enemies are usually the same age as us or older... the same gender as us... and someone we interact with on a daily basis. They are people that lie to make themselves look good, they criticize others, and they are dismissive.

I can honestly say I don't currently have an enemy in the workplace... not that I haven't in the past. It is actually nice walking into work knowing you don't have an enemy to deal with. A workplace enemy can make work a tough place to be... 77% of people who have a work enemy say they're unhappy at their jobs and 70% are considering trying to find a new job to get away from their enemy.

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