They're Back!

I am proud to admit that I am a HUGE Beverly Hills 90210 fan... I started watching High School and I have been watching ever since... I keep 166 episodes on my DVR at all times just in case I want to have a mini-marathon. My friends joke that I think I am actually part of the West Beverly crew.

Yesterday my social media started going CRAZY. Everyone was tagging me in the posts announcing the return of Brandon, Kelly, Donna, David, Andrea, and Steve...

It'll be a six-episode limited series airing on Fox this summer. The official synopsis says, quote, "Getting [the revival] going may make for an even more delicious soap than the reboot itself... So it's a reboot about making a reboot. No word if Dylan or Brenda will be coming back... but word is Luke Perry will at least make a cameo.

There are three reunions I have been hoping for... *NSYNC... Friends... and 90210... One down and two to go!

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