April Fool's Day Is Coming

We're one month out from April Fools' Day. I feel like that's the only real way to get anyone these days. On April 1st everyone is on the lookout. So if you want to get them on April Fools Day you have to play the long game.

A few ideas from the posters on Reddit to get started early...

Buy some Rain-X... the stuff you put on your windshield. And use it to write creepy phrases on someone's bathroom mirror. So when they shower, that part of the mirror won't fog up, and they'll think their house is haunted for a month.

The penny prank. Start by leaving one penny a day on the floor somewhere in your home, so they'll find it. Then around week three, start leaving them in weird places pennies shouldn't be, like the shower. The key is to always deny you're doing it, and keep a straight face.

Need some more ideas? Click Here

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