Happiest Cities - Where's Orlando?

We have all the theme parks, professional sports teams, a great performing arts center, we are even the home to "The Happiest Place On Earth".... So Orlando should be on top of the list of happiest cities in America... No? OK... we must be in the top five... Nope... Top ten for sure through right?

83... that's eight - three... 82 cities are happier than we are according to a study by Wallet Hub. How is that even possible?!

Half of the top ten are in California, which makes no sense... they are always running out of water and half the state catches on fire every year?! Texas has a few cities in there and I can accept that. I lived just north of Dallas in college and it was pretty nice. The first Florida city to make the list is Cape Coral coming in at 24th.

Click Here to see the study and happiness map

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