Bad Moods Are Wasting Our Days

It happens to everyone and it happens for different reasons... but being in a Bad Mood is the worst! It not only ruins your day but it also ruins the day of the people that are around you.

Sometimes you wake up in a Bad Mood and that's a tough one, because if you start the day in a bad way, how do you get out of it?

The good and bad news is that you are not alone... According to a new survey, the average person spends one hour and 52 minutes EVERY DAY in a bad mood... So it's not just you but that also means you could have a lot of people dealing with bad moods at the same time.

Here are the top 10 things that cause our bad moods...

1. A bad night's sleep.

2. Stepping in dog poop.

3. Getting into an argument with your significant other.

4. Feeling sick.

5. Your computer stops working.

6. Your partner is in a bad mood, which brings you down.

7. Traffic.

8. A bad day at work.

9. Misplacing your wallet.

10. No hot water.

Need to shake off your bad mood? There are some simple things you can do... Click Here to check it out!

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