House Rules

We have been known to have people over to our house for parties or to watch football. It never occurred to me that maybe we should have a set of "House Rules"... I think if you don't act like a savage, for the most part, we will be OK. According to a survey, a lot of people do have "House Rules" and according to the survey, maybe people need to find a new group of friends that know they should flush the toilet...

Here are some of the most common rules you're expected to follow in someone's house...

  • Take your shoes off at the door.
  • No shoes on the sofa.
  • Always flush the toilet.
  • Use a coaster.
  • Don't assume you can go anywhere in the house. Some rooms could be off limits, like a bedroom or bathroom.

Oh and it's also rude to ask for the WiFi Password?! This one I disagree with... it's rude of you as a host to not provide a quality WiFi signal for me to update my Instagram...

Click Here for the full survey 

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