When Your Birthday Wraps Up In The ER

My birthday was last week and for the last few months we have had plans to stay in St. Pete Beach for the weekend. There was a huge Sandbar Party going on in the spot where we usually take the boat out so it was perfect. My wife reserved and awesome Airbnb in Pass-A-Grill... it was amazing and I recommend anyone staying there check it out... Friday was fun... we didn't over do it because we knew we had a big day on Saturday.

Saturday we jumped on my friend's boat and were on the water before noon... The Sandbar Party was crazy... they had floating bars, a floating LED screen, and a floating stage with a band playing. We found a good spot close enough to the party, but far enough away to not be in the mess and we had a great day. After spending the day just floating in the ocean with friends we were going to head back in and go hang out for the night.

High tide was at noon so the water level goes down a little each hour until low tide which hit at 8pm... You have to stay in the channel during that time because it gets really shallow really quick. We were headed back to the marina... just chillin'... My friend is driving the boat and there is a lot of traffic in the water so we get off the orginal path just a little... BAM! We hit bottom because it goes from 11 ft. deep to 1.8 ft. deep instantly. So now we are stuck. The boat is fine but the water is too shallow to drop the motor. No big deal, I jump out to push the boat back to deep water.

The water is clear but we are in sea grass so you can see the bottom but you don't know what's down there. I'm pushing the boat, moving along, everything is good for about 5 minutes... then CRACK!!! I stepped on something hard... it hurt to the point that my leg gave out. I figured it was a shell or a rock... it hurt but I pushed for a few more minutes. We were all good so I jumped back in the boat to head back. Everyone on the boat started to freak out... I looked down and there was blood everywhere... It looked like I was attacked by a shark. That shell I stepped on cut my foot pretty bad. We wrapped it up tight in a towel and went back in to the marina. The fire station is across the street from the marina so my friend went and knocked on the door and had them come check my foot. They wrapped it up and sent me to the ER to get it checked to see if I need stitches.

I get to the ER and I figured it will be a quick trip. Clean it up, close it up, and get out. The doctor said he wanted to get some X-Rays which I thought was weird. They took the pics, and the doctor comes in and says there is something in my foot. So he grabs some tweezers and gets to work... He pulls a big chunk out (Pics below)... and it HURT like crazy... Now I'm done right? WRONG... More X-Rays... more pieces in my foot... more digging in my foot. This time he said he had to numb it, which he was trying to avoid because he said the pain of numbing it is like torture. That's a pretty solid way to describe it... I have not been injured a lot, but that was easily the worst thing I have ever felt. They finally got all the shells out so they cleaned it up and glued closed... And now for my birthday I got a bloody shell and crutches!

It's a good thing I went... I was just going to wrap it up and call it day... I talked to someone that did that... and four days later they had an infection that was going up their leg and had gotten into their blood stream. That can't be good. With any luck, I will just have a limp for a few days and a sore foot... A lot of people are asking for photos... and I'm cool with it... but warning... there is some blood... so I will only post the cleaned up versions!

And a lot of people asked about where we stayed... It was the best... Berkeley Beach Club... we found it on Airbnb.

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